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Thursday, January 19, 2012

GOT DREAMS??? PART TWO. . . 2012 ~ The Year of Fulfilled Dreams!

What are you dreaming about? Are you attempting to determine if what you see or have seen is just a thought that ran through your head? Or could it be that God is trying to tell you something? Well our special Guest Rev. Connie Jackson, gave us some awesome points to consider when attempting to live according to Gods visions for our lives. She informed us there are 4 categories we should consider:
1.  Dreaming the Dream: God sends the dream to us for a heads up of how he plans to use us. . .giving us an opportunity to see ourselves as God sees us looking forward.
2. Dissecting the Dreams: This is what we do when we are trying to understand what the dream means. When what we need to do is learn to sit with the dream and go to God with it.
3. Discerning the Dream: Allowing the Holy Spirit to plant wisdom and insight ~ Passion! 4. Denying or Delaying the Dream: Three things can do that, Immaturity, fear, doubt and disobedience. . .Assume the position!

There is more to come join us tonight as Rev. CJ blesses us with more on what God wants us to know about the 2012 ~ The Year Of Fulfilled Dreams! See ya 8:00 p.m. CST.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

GOT DREAMS??? 2012 ~ The Year of Fulfilled Dreams!

It is 2012 and I feel as Rev. Connie stated recently, "that everything is going to be alright!" Now I feel that way, but what about you? Do you have desires, dreams and aspirations you have have been holding on to. You have no idea what to do with them. Have you felt like they were just NICE THOUGHTS but that will NEVER happen for me? Oh how I remember those very words coming out of my mouth!! I truly thought the dream I had at that time was just that A DREAM! But God, as he says in his Word, Had a plan and has a plan for my life. . .and just like He has a plan for me, He has one for yours as well!

Realize it is a JOURNEY! Which you have to take for yourself. You have to be in position to receive the plan. Don't let others hold you back and you should not hold others back as well. Don't judge their journey and don't let them judge yours. It is time to allow what's in your heart to come forth and manifest it in natural. Listen to your heart it will speak to you. . .but when you hear it. . .you have to follow it!  DON'T BE SCARED!!! God said, He would never leave you nor forsake you!! So what are you waiting on GET TA STEPPIN!!! It's your season!

Model Goodness!