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Monday, December 15, 2014

Titus Works Empowerment Blog: JOURNEY ~ Holidays. . . I really did not know what...

Titus Works Empowerment Blog: JOURNEY ~ Holidays. . . I really did not know what...: JOURNEY ~ Holidays. . . I really did not know what to name this post, because I don't want to sound negative during this season. But t...
JOURNEY ~ Holidays. . . I really did not know what to name this post, because I don't want to sound negative during this season. But the truth is, some of us may not be feeling the holiday spirit that is expected. Last night my Mother and I attended a benefit concert at my church, which was absolutely wonderful. There was beautiful decorations, the atmosphere was loving, everyone looked amazing. Then Gene Moore one of our guest singers, whose voice is as smooth as butter, began to sing, "I will be home for Christmas" and my Mother and I broke down in tears. It was our first reminder that my Dad won't be home for Christmas, at least not home with us. We tried to hold it together, but was unable to. I write this to say, if you are struggling with the holiday season, IT'S OKAY!!! You are not alone, there are many of us, missing loved ones and trying to act as if it is okay, when deep down inside it does not feel like it's okay. Feel what you need to feel because. . . IT'S OKAY!!!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Suicide Prevention Month ~ How Can You Help???

This is Suicide Prevention Month which is a subject that 
concerns me to my core. When a person is feeling like life is too overwhelming and the answer appears to be, to end it all, that thought did not just come at that moment. That thought has been playing over and over in the individuals mind for a while. It is a thought that most people don't feel comfortable talking about, for fear that they may be thought of as being crazy or some type of label in the negative. Which is soooo unfortunate, because this is a time that the ear of another person is very much needed. I have heard people say, "there is nothing that bad, that could make a person take their life." Well to most that may appear to be true, but the truth is to the individual considering suicide, something is that bad that would make them decide to take their life.

When I think of suicide t is not a sweep it under the rug kind of thing. What comes in my spirit is, "Why is it so hard for people to share how they feel?" I am sure there are a lot of reasons that could be mentioned, but one reason I know of for sure is this. It is sometimes hard to share because of how you feel after you share what it is you need to say. Everything inside of you says, they don't understand, they think I am crazy, wow did that sound selfish, I did not use the right words, man I should not have said anything. . .the response or reactions of the individual we share with is so vital. It is vital because it may determine whether you do it again. Sometimes, how we feel make others feel as well, and because they have not chosen to do that, the response or reaction is to their own feelings and not yours. We also have to understand that the enemy is counting on us to be silent. His mission is to kill, steal and destroy. . .so here is my challenge to you. Discover that individual you feel comfortable enough with who does not make you feel judged, stupid, crazy, discounted, tolerated. That person who loves you in spite of and willing to help rather than run due to their own stuff. Maybe between the two of you, you both can be helped!!!

Here are some important facts about suicide that we all need to know:

Warning signs of Suicide 
·         Unbearable feelings: extreme feelings of hopelessness, despair, self-doubt.
·         Taking care of business: making end of life plans, preparing wills, giving away valued  possessions.
·         Rehearsing suicide: discussing suicide methods, purchasing weapons or acquiring  large quantities of medication.
·         Drug or alcohol use: can cause impulsive behaviors.
·         Isolation: cutting off social connections with friends, family, quitting job.
·         Sudden sense of calm: a person who was recently feeling upset or hopeless suddenly  seems very calm and settled. It might be a sign that he or she has decided on a plan to  complete suicide.

Are you feeling suicidal? 
·         Discuss with your doctor if you are thinking of suicide. It is important to recognize these  thoughts for what they are: expressions of a treatable medical illness.These thoughts  are not true and they are not your fault. Don’t let fear, shame or embarrassment stand  in the way of communication with your physician, therapist, family, or friends: tell  someone right now.
·         Tell a trusted family member, friend, or other support person.Try not to be alone when  you feel this way.
·         Get help.Tell your health care professional. Suicidal thinking can be treated. When      suicidal thoughts occur, they are your signal that you need help.
·         Know that you can get through this and learn to effectively manage your mood disorder.
·         Promise yourself you will overcome these feelings for another day, hour, minute, or  whatever you can and get help.


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Friday, September 12, 2014

Chemical Dependency Within The Family

I had an amazing experience, my first in studio radio broadcast. It was AWESOME!!! I was blessed to be a guest on the Kingdom View Radio Network (KVRN), Living On Purpose Mid-morning Show with host Rita Taylor. The topic of the show was Chemical Dependency Within the Family, POWERFUL. As we were having the discussion, it came to me that this topic is really not talked about enough. At that very moment what we were putting out into the airwaves could be such a blessing to someone out there listening. It may be the very thing someone needed to hear that has the potential to change their life or the life of someone they love. What an amazing blessing to be used in such a way. I would like very much to share some amazing points shared on the show.

It is very important that we are able to determine whether a problem may exist for our love ones or even ourselves.

Here are some questions to try and determine if your loved one may be chemically dependent
The following test, while not a diagnostic tool, can help you to determine if your suspicions are correct. Answer each question with a yes or no.
» Is the person drinking (or using any other drug) more now than he or she did in the past?
» Are you ever afraid to be around the person when he or she is drinking or using drugs – because of the possibility or physical or verbal abuse?
» Has the person ever forgotten or denied things that happened during a drinking or using episode?
» Has the person broken promises to control or stop his or her drinking or using, or tried to hide it from you?
» Have you ever been embarrassed by the person’s drinking or drug use?
» Have you ever lied to anyone else about the person’s drinking or drug use?
» Are most of the person’s friend’s heavy drinkers or drug users?
» Have you ever made excuses for the way the person behaved while drinking or using drugs?
» Are holidays and social functions unpleasant for you because of the person’s drinking or drug use?
» Does the person deny that he or she has a drinking problem because he or she only drinks beer (or wine)? Or deny that he or she has a drug problem   because its use is “limited” to medical marijuana, or diet pills, or some other supposedly “harmless” substance?
» Does the person’s behavior change noticeably when he or she is drinking or using? (For example: a normally quiet person might become loud and talkative or a normally mild-mannered person might become quick to anger.)
» Does the person avoid social functions where alcohol will not be served, or drugs will not be permitted or available?
» Are you afraid to ride in the car after a person has been drinking or using drugs?
» Is the person having financial difficulties that seem to be related to his or her drug use?
» Have you ever found alcohol or drugs that the person has hidden?
Remember, we must be strong enough to set boundaries with anyone in our lives whom may be involved with some type of chemical dependency. Being afraid of their response is not as important of being afraid for their lives. Let's not love our loved ones to death. . .instead love them to LIFE!!!
Esther Renee' Daniels, MSP, LCDC

Monday, July 28, 2014

JOURNEY ~ Moving Forward! Each of us have experiences that gives two types of mindsets. One is to attempt at forgetting that which appears to have hurt us in some way. Another is feel joy in our being when reminded of a particular event or ...situation. Well I believe that both have the ability to impact our lives in a positive way, if we allow it. That which we desire to forget is full of lessons that we need to move forward and accomplish the new blessings in our lives. Without those lessons me may visit those same type of events or situations over and over again in our future. The pains of our lives do not exist to simply make our hearts and souls hurt, they exist because there is purpose behind each one. Purpose we may not be aware of at the moment, but in trying to forget those things keeps us from ever seeing what the purpose was. By no means am I suggesting that we dwell on the past, what I am suggesting is that we learn from the past. And allow it to propel us to a better future rather then keeping us hostage in something we cannot change. Then we may be able to feel more joy in our lives than we ever have before!

Philippians 3:13-16 The Message (MSG)

Focused on the Goal

12-14 I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.

15-16 So let’s keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision—you’ll see it yet! Now that we’re on the right track, let’s stay on it.

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