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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Titus Works Empowerment Conference Call ~ P.U.R.E. (Pursuing Unwavering Righteousness Everyday)

The call tonight is really going to be awesome. . .get ready for our special Guest, Minister Carnisha Duncan. . .as she talks about the subject: P.U.R.E. (Pursuing Unwavering Righteousness Everyday) How You Living. . .Would God Be Pleased? 

There are many things being discussed today in relationship to choices we make of how we live our lives. Everyone needs to examine what their choices look like. Not necessarily for the purpose of proving to others that you are living according to what God would have you to do. But to assure yourself that your are living according to the way God would have you to live. 

Minister Duncan is very adamant about living our lives in P.U.R.E. (Pursuing Unwavering Righteousness Everyday) to please God not man. So, our question today is, How You Living? Would God Be Pleased? If not are you willing to make some changes to live P.U.R.E.

Make the call tonight at 8:00 p.m. cst, (424) 203-8000 access code 179775#

Model Goodness!!!

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