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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What's Under Your Rug?

When you think about RUGS I can bet that none of us never think about this item in relationship to how it connects to our lives. Rugs are generally used for things that could be thought of in the negative, such as, making it comfortable to walk across a cold floor. Maybe when you think of a rug, if you are anything like me, it was to cover up  an unwanted spot on the carpet.

Well, I want us to see how a rug is also used to bring beauty to a room. Not to cover up a ugly spot, not keep your feet from getting cold when you walk. Our rugs can become the ability to
R-elease U-nused G-ems. . .these gems are events from our own lives that have been swept under our own personal rugs of life. At first glance these events appear to be horrible cold , painful and even ugly spots that we experienced.

Join me Thursday, December 6th at 8:00 pm to talk about how it is so possible to turn what is under our rugs into some awesome gems in our lives. . . these gems have the capacity to empower us to a higher level of living! The exact place God desires us to be!

Model Goodness!!!

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