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Monday, December 15, 2014

JOURNEY ~ Holidays. . . I really did not know what to name this post, because I don't want to sound negative during this season. But the truth is, some of us may not be feeling the holiday spirit that is expected. Last night my Mother and I attended a benefit concert at my church, which was absolutely wonderful. There was beautiful decorations, the atmosphere was loving, everyone looked amazing. Then Gene Moore one of our guest singers, whose voice is as smooth as butter, began to sing, "I will be home for Christmas" and my Mother and I broke down in tears. It was our first reminder that my Dad won't be home for Christmas, at least not home with us. We tried to hold it together, but was unable to. I write this to say, if you are struggling with the holiday season, IT'S OKAY!!! You are not alone, there are many of us, missing loved ones and trying to act as if it is okay, when deep down inside it does not feel like it's okay. Feel what you need to feel because. . . IT'S OKAY!!!

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