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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's A Girl Thing. . .The Power of a Daughter's Love!

I would imagine that being a parent to a daughter is an awesome thing. Not that parenting a son isn't I'm sure, but there is something about looking at a little mini-me that just does something to your heart. The power of this relationship is so grand that it places you in a position to change how you do things immediately. It changes how you see women and yourself. The love that flows from the eyes of your daughter makes you want to make sure she gets what she needs to be empowered to become the woman God has destined her to be.

As you commit your parenting efforts to the Lord, He gives you the grace and ability to bless your children in special, powerful ways. So, Titus Works is asking the following questions:
What is the greatest challenge you face right now as a parent to your daughter or daughters?
What is the greatest joy in your life as you parent these awesome little women?
How often do you go to God in prayer for them?
Finally, Are you demonstrating the character you would like to nurtured and grow in your daughter?
Such as:
Being obedient
Pursue God's truth
Love God
Teach God's Word
Don't Follow false gods

Raising daughters certainly isn't easy. You may be facing an uphill battle in your child rearing efforts. But with time, patience, consistency, humility, and a complete trust in God, you can bless your daughters beyond your imagination. . . .IT'S A GIRL THING!!!

Model Goodness!!

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