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Monday, September 5, 2011

A friend of mine posted this awesome message regarding toxic thoughts. I thought I would share it with each of you.  

When something is toxic, it’s poisonous; it can destroy you. When we go around dwelling on the wrong thoughts, thinking about what we can’t do or how we’ll never get ahead, those thoughts are toxic thoughts. Toxic thoughts left alone become like toxic waste that sinks into your heart. It will eventually contaminate your whole life. It affects your self-image. It affects your attitude, your level of confidence, and ultimately, your success. That’s why the scripture says to guard your heart because the condition of your heart and mind determine the condition of your whole life. “Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life” - Proverbs 4:23 Make the decision today to detox any negative, self-defeating thoughts by meditating on God’s promises instead. Make the decision to detox bitterness, detox low self-esteem, detox negative words that may have been spoken over you, detox con...demnation. Make the decision to dwell on what God says about you. God says, “You are forgiven.” God says, “Your best days are in front of you.” God says, “I’ll restore the years that the enemy has stolen.” As you detox your mind and fill your thoughts with His promises, you’ll see His hand of blessing on your life. You’ll rise up higher, and you’ll live the abundant life He has for you!
When I first read this I thought, What if the toxic waste has already contaminated the heart? How do you flush it out to detox your heart and mind? My friend gave an awesome solution on how to detox and I agree that meditating on God’s promises is an awesome balm for anyone’s heart. My question now is, are you able to really do that when you are in this frame of mind? If you are that person who is saying, “yeah that sounds good, but I can’t seem to get pass what I’m feeling!” Then what I say to you is the first step to the solution my friend gave, may be to figure out how the toxic thoughts developed. Look at your circle of friends honestly and see if there is toxic waste there.

Sometimes we allow people to speak into our lives over and over without realizing how those words have and are affecting us. As you began to weed out all the elements of the waste you will become closer and closer to seeing that you are blessed beyond measure. You will then be more intentional about who and what you allow on your journey. This journey is precious who and what we have on it is vital to the walk. Change has to happen and what you change will make a great difference.

Model Goodness  

Renee’ Daniels

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  1. I love it Minister.

    Thanks for your words of encouragement.